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Raymarine Instruments




Discover the world of Raymarine Instruments, where cutting-edge technology meets exceptional performance, enhancing your maritime adventures with precision and reliability.

Explore Raymarine Instruments, featuring a diverse range of advanced analog and digital instrument displays tailored to meet various boating requirements. Choose from the compact yet powerful Raymarine i40 series,i50, i60 or the premium, large-screen Raymarine i70s displays. Get access to top-notch navigation and monitoring solutions that ensure an exceptional maritime experience. Benefit from Raymarine's commitment to innovation, reliability, and user-friendly design.




  • Raymarine i70s Color Dislay for Instruments
    $599.00 $515.00 Raymarine i70s Instrument Multifunction Color Display (E70327)
      Raymarine i70S Instrument Multifunction Display(E70327)       Take control of your instrument cluster with the Raymarine i70S Instrument. Its vivid 4.1-inch screen offers exceptional clarity and...
  • Raymarine i60 Close Hauled Wind Display Instrument
    $530.00 $460.00 Raymarine i60 Close Hauled Wind Display (Analogue)- E70062
      Raymarine i60 Close Hauled Wind Display (Analogue) (E70062)       In racing or fast-cruising scenarios, where even the slightest degree can make a significant difference, the...
  • Raymarine i60 Wind Display Instrument
    $680.00 $585.00 Raymarine i60 Wind Display (Analogue)- E70061
      Raymarine i60 Wind Display (Analogue) (E70061)       Raymarine i60 Wind Display offers both analog and digital information, determining the apparent (relative) and accurate wind...
  • Raymarine i50 Tridata Display Instrument
    $680.00 $635.00 Raymarine i50 Tridata Display - E70060
      Raymarine i50 Tridata Display (E70060)    The Raymarine i50 Tridata Display efficiently merges depth and speed data into a clear 3-line display format. Access to trip and log details, surface...
  • Raymarine i50 Depth Display Instrument
    $560.00 $465.00 Raymarine i50 Depth Display - E70059
      Raymarine i50 Depth Display (E70059)    The Raymarine i50 Depth Display showcases both minimum and maximum depths, complete with audible alarms for shallow, anchor, and deep water situations...
  • Raymarine i50 Speed Display Instrument
    $560.00 $465.00 Raymarine i50 Speed Display - E70058
      Raymarine i50 Speed Display (E70058)    The Raymarine i50 Speed Display showcases both through-water velocity and speed over ground, complemented by sea surface temperature readings and...
  • Raymarine i40 BiData Display Instrument
    $445.00 $319.00 Raymarine i40 Bi Data Display - E70066
      Raymarine i40 BiData Display (E70066)       The Raymarine i40 Bidata Display offers a streamlined display for both depth and speed information in a single, sharp instrument panel...
  • Raymarine i40 Wind Display Instrument
    $405.00 $295.00 Raymarine i40 Wind Display - E70065
      Raymarine i40 Wind Display (E70065)       The Raymarine i40 Wind Display delivers valuable information on both apparent and true wind speed and direction for sailors...
  • Raymarine i40 Depth Display Instrument
    $405.00 $295.00 Raymarine i40 Depth Display - E70064
      Raymarine i40 Depth Display (E70064)       Raymarine i40 Depth Display is a streamlined depth measurement device that offers boating enthusiasts clear and accurate depth...
  • Raymarine i40 Speed Display Instrument
    $405.00 $295.00 Raymarine i40 Speed Display - E70063
      Raymarine i40 Speed Display (E70063)       Raymarine i40 Speed: A Streamlined Speed Instrument Display. The Raymarine  i40 Speed display is a sleek, compact display...