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Raymarine C-Series Chartplotter Classic Displays

Raymarine C-Series Chatrplotters

Classic Displays

C70, C80, C120


Raymarine C-Series Classic puts the power of Multifunction Navigation into a single compact display.

The models of Raymarine C-Series Classic Multifunctional Displays are the perfect choice for mounting on a center console or at the helm. Each model consists of inputs for sensors like GPS ,radar, HD Digital Fishfinder, SIRIUS Satellite Radio and Marine Weather,Engine Instrumens view, AIS and more.

C-Series Classic is Available in three display sizes (6.5'', 8.4'', 12.1''). Each model is equiped with High Resolution 256 colors sunlight viewable color display with excellent contrast and a wide viewing angle.

You can configure each C-Series model as a single function stand alone display (chartplotter, radar fishfinder, engine instrument etc') or built an all in one screen or define your window combination and simply "page" through by pressing only one key.




• Support for professional quality Navionics Gold charts on CompactFlash
• Fast chart screen redraw
• 256 color high resolution display provides very high screen clarity
• True motion and relative motion
• Auto Range mode intelligently maintains your vessel and your waypoint on the best chart scale while underway
• Loran TD positioning
• On screen VHF DSC position reports (with compatible DSC VHF via NMEA)
• AIS Target tracking (external AIS receiver required)




• Raymarine’s patented HD Digital fishfinder technology using a remotely mounted Digital Sounder
• Hands-free HD Digital technology automatically adjusts more than 220 sonar parameters per second and virtually eliminates clutter
• HD Digital adaptive receiver technology targets fish and bottom structure with amazing clarity
• 600 or 1000 Watt power output with dual frequency 200/50 Khz operation
• Bottom lock, A-Scope and zoom modes
• Maximum depth of 5000 ft. (1700 meters)
• Full range of high and ultra high performance transducers available




• Radar/chart overlay
• MARPA (Mini-Automatic-Radar-Plotting-Aid) target tracking
• Waypoint navigation and multiple waypoint overlay
• Low receiver noise figure (less than 5 dB)
• Auto GST™ fully automatic gain, sea clutter and tune control for real hands off operation
• Advanced microprocessor controlled transmitter receiver features 8 pulse width/PRF settings, providing enhanced target returns through every range scale



• C-Series instrument displays can be customized with multiple combinations
   of graphical, digital and analog displays



• Keep track of engine performance with C-Series virtual engine instruments.
   Using NMEA 2000 or J1939 protocol, C-Series displays can network with electronic
   engine instrument systems.



• AIS (Automatic Identification System) support using an external AIS Receiver (NMEA 0183
   compatible receiver required). Overlay and track AIS targets on the chartplotter display.
   Plus C-Series now supports NavavTex data from NMEA 0183 compatible NavavTex receivers.




• HD Digital Sounder technology virtually
   eliminates clutter

• The 256-color display and digital sonar
   technology shows fish and bottom structure with
   amazing clarity


Ordinary Fishfinders

• The analog fishfinder “sees” the wreck,        
    but the image lacks detail.

Raymarine HD Digital                           

• The HD Digital fishfinder brings the
   wreck into clear focus. The protrusion
   on the right are the ship’s guns


   c-classic-lineup1.jpg  c-classic-lineup2.jpg  c-classic-lineup3.jpg
  C70 C80 C120
Weight 6.6 lbs (3.0kg) 4lbs (1.8kg) 2.6lbs (1.2kg)
Display Size 12.1" 8.4" 6.5"
Voltage range 10.7–32 volts (12/24v nominal) 10.7–32 volts (12/24v nominal) 10.7–32 volts (12/24v nominal)
Power consumption 12 Watts 10 Watts 9 Watts
Mounting methods Bracket or console mount Bracket or console mount Bracket or console mount
Operating temperature -10°C to 50°C -10°C to 50°C –10°C to 50°C
Waterproofing CFR46 standard CFR46 standard CFR46 standard
Display type Color TFT LCD Color TFT LCD Color TFT LCD
Display resolution 800 x 600 pixels (SVGA) 640 x 480 pixels (VGA) 640 x 480 pixels (VGA)
Display colors 256 256 256
Direct sunlight visibility Yes Yes Yes
Interfaces 1 NMEA 0183 input, 1 NMEA 0183 output, Raymarine SeaTalk, Raymarine SeaTalk2, NMEA 2000 Port DSM Echo Sounder Input, Radar Input


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