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Raymarine C90W Chartplotter European Charts E62111-EU

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Product Description

Brand New

Raymarine C90W Chartplotter

C-Series Widescreen

Multifunction Displays

Preloaded with European Charts





Raymarine C90W Chartplotter, a better combined Widescreen Mulitifunction Display with  Fishfinder and Radar, navigation system with increased performances.

Raymarine C90W Chartplotter takes navigating using multifunctional display systems to a  new level. Not only you can enjoy watching the data in a big, wide and vivid colored display but you can also easily expend yoursystem by connecting another C-Series widescreen display and other devices, sensors, receivers and more by using NMEA0183, NMEA2000, Seatalk and SeaTalkhssupported protocols which come as standart with the C90W .

  • With SeaTalkhs network switch you can connect sensors like Digital Radomes (Radar), HD Digital Sounder (for fishfinder) and SIRIUS receiver for Sattelite Weather and Radio.
  • Use NMEA0183 inputs/outputs to connect with AIS (Automatic Identification System) devices, DSC VHF Radio and other third party devices. 
  • With NMEA2000 compatibility to watch digital display of engine gauges.  
  • With SeaTalkng   technology to connect data Instruments & Auto pilot.
  • And finally to connect a LifeTag M.O.B system using the first   generation seaTalk connection.

With the C90W Chartplotter you can choose your ideal screen configuration for every navigation scenario. Use a full high resolution display screen navigation  or multiple windows combination of chart, radar, fishfinder, weather and video.

The C90W is equiped with high resolution 800x480 pixel 9'' widescreen (WXGA) display that is viewable in direct sunlight and utilizes optical bonding technology for improved contrast, vibrant colors and wide viewing angle.

The Raymarine C90W (E62111-EU) is ready to navigate with an internal high sensitivity GPS sensor.It is pre-loaded with NAVIONICS Cartography of the Coastal waters of Europe (Europena Charts) and by using charts card of NAVIONICS PLATINUM with the built-in CompactFlash you could navigate with 3D view or Satellite photo charts. An on board graphics coprocessor provides quick chart screen redraws and stunning 3D graphics.

By using the UniControl™ keypad you can control the cursor, the OK key and the rotary control for streamlining activities and easy feature selection.

 Connecting the C90W with Raymarine's SmartPilot X-Series autopilots you could control the autopilot functions from the display's keypad. The autopilot can be engaged and disengaged directly from the C90W display interface, Avery usefull feature for waypoint and route navigation.

Using the C90's video input you can connect any of Raymarine's plug-and-play onboard cameras to have video views for your like.

The Raymarine C90W Chartplotter kit includes an owners manual, quick reference guide, suncover, flush mounting kit, and a Power/data/video cable.




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Raymarine C90W Chartplotter Features 

  • multiple view of several navigation sources on a single display 
  • connect  sensor, receiver or appropriate device to have the C90W become into a full feature chartplotter, digital fishfinder, sattelite weather and radio, radar or on board video system.  
  • Sunlight Viewable display with improved vivid colors and contrast in all lighting conditions 
  • High WVGA resolution - 800x480 pixels
  • UniControl™ pad for easy display and menu navigation 

C90W SeaTalkhs Networking

  • Super fast 100 MB Networking
  • Dual display system - for sharing views of chartplotter, fishfinder, radar, weather and more across two C-Series Widescreen displays

C90W (E62111-EU) Chartplotter

  • Preloaded with NAVIONICS Europe Costal Cartography - European Charts. 
  • Internal high sensitivity GPS sensor
  • Optional using Charts card for 3D views and Satellite photo maps.

Digital Fishfinder

  • Connect to a sounder module (DSM30 or DSM300) using SeaTalkhs networking.
  • Patented HD Digital sonar technology for precise targeting of fish and bottom structure.
  • Four fishfinder presets for one touch access to favorite fishfinder view


  • Compatible with SeaTalkhs digital radomes
  • HD Digital and Super HD Digital open array compatibility
  • Auto GST technology to provide hands off operation
  • Dual Range radar when used with HD or Super HD Digital Arrays

SIRIUS Weather & Audio

  • SIRIUS Satellite weather and radio functionality with optional SR100 receiver
  • View up to the minute animated weather radar, forecasts, storm warnings and more delivered instantly via satellite.
  • Graphical Nowrad radar, sea surface temps, storm tracks, and more.
  • SIRIUS Satellite Radio functionality right on your C-Series Widescreen display. Set reminders for favorite songs and artists on over 100 SIRIUS Satellite Radio channels.

Video Integration

  • Display remote video sources from CCTV cameras, entertainment systems, and more.
  • Plug and play connectivity with Raymarine CAM100 or CAM50 marine cameras

Instrument Integration

  • Network with SeaTalk, SeaTalk2, SeaTalkng, SeaTalkhs, NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000 instruments.
  • Display data from NMEA 2000 compatible engine systems.

Autopilot Integration

  • Activate and control Raymarine Smartpilot X-Series Autopilots directly from the chartplotter interface

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Raymarine C90W (E62111-EU) 9" Multifunction Display - European Charts Specifications


   Data Display Capabilities
GPS, Chartplotter, Fishfinder, Radar, External Video, CDI(Course Deviation Indicator), and customizable Data Bar display  
  Dimensions  C90W : 12.46" x 7.74" x 6.14” (316.4 x 196.5 x 155.9)

Depth measurement includes powercable

  Display (LCD) Size C90W : 9"   
  Display Colors 16.7M  
  Display Resolution C90W: 800 x 480 pixels (wide VGA)  
  Display Type Sunlight viewable color TFT LCD  
  Mounting Methods Console mounting hardware included. Trunnion mounting kit sold separately  
  Operating Temperature Limits 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C) ambient air at 95% RH  
  Power Consumption 32 Watts (typical)  
  Voltage Range 10.7–32 volts (12/24v nominal)  
  Waterproofing CFR46/IPX6 standards  
  Weight C90W: 8.5lbs (3.85kg)  
  Approvals CE - Conforms to FCC - Compliant with Essential requirements of 1995/5/EC, 1989/336/EC. CFR47 Parts 2 & 80  
  Humidity Limit up to 95% at 35°C non-condensing  
  Display Windows Chart, Radar, Fishfinder, CDI, Video, Data, Weather and Engine Monitor  
  Screen Functions Full, half and quarter screens available dependant on function. Also 3 window page with 2 x 1/4 page windows and 1 x 1/2 page window.  
  Illumination Screen and keypad: 0 to 100% in 64 steps Day/Night Mode  
  Languages English (US), English (UK), Italian, French, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish, Icelandic, Chinese, Russian, Greek, Japanese, Korean  
  System Alarms Alarm Clock, Anchor, Arrival, Deep, Shallow and Fishing Depth, MOB, Offtrack, Temperature, Timer  
  Navigation Alarms Arrival Alarm, Offtrack XTE Alarm  


  Network Configurations Single or dual display configurations  
  SeaTalkhs Network 2 ports  
    Supports 8 devices switch required
  NMEA interface 3 inputs (configurable baud rate)  
    2 outputs  
  NMEA 0183 Input GLL, GGA, GLC, GTD, VTG, BWC, BWR, RMA, RMB, RMC, XTE, VHW, HDG, HDM, HDT, DBT, DPT, APB, VLW, MWV, WPL, RTE, DSC and ZDA. Selectable to 4800, 4800 Navtex, 9600 Navtex or 38,400 AIS  
  NMEA Output - User selectable APB, BWC, BWR, DBT, DPT, GGA, GLL, MTW, RMA, RMB, RMC, RSD, TTM, VLW, VHW, VTG, WPL, VHF/DSC and ZDA  
  Seatalk Interface 1 port  
  SeaTalk Input Depth,SOG,COG, Position, Waypoint Number, Range/ Bearing, TTG, Boat Speed, Time, XTE, Heading, Wind, Data, Log/Trip, Pilot Status, Temperature, MOB and Cursor Position  
  SeaTalk Output Cursor Data, Guard Zone and Navigational Data bridged from NMEA  
  SeaTalk2/NMEA2000 1 port Also supports SeaTalkng
  Video Input Composite Video (NTSC or PAL) Input (BNC connector)  


GPS Type Internal High Sensitivity Receiver  
  Channels 12  
  Frequency 1.575GHz (L1)  
  Sensitivity -159dBm (tracking), -142dBm (acquisition)  
  SBAS Support WAAS / EGNOS Compatible  
  Horizontal Position Accuracy    
  Speed Accuracy    
  Antenna Helical antenna for even sensitivity across all orientations  


  Cartography Embedded with Navionics ready-to-navigate Europe Costal Cartographys: European Charts 
    Compatible with Navionics Charts on CompactFlash cards  
  Chart Scaling 1/32nm (if cartographic detail is available) to 4000nm  
  Waypoints 3000 waypoints entered via cursor, lat/lon, range and bearing from present position or at boat’s position. 16 character name can be assigned. Waypoint symbols and groups. Additional storage available on CompactFlash cards.  
  Waypoint Transfer Waypoints database via NMEA and CompactFlash cards. Software also available to convert waypoints to Excel file.  
  Man Overboard (MOB Mode) Mark placed with course line; readout shows range, bearing, lat/lon of MOB and time elapsed since MOB.  
  Presentation Modes Head up, Course up or North up (selectable True or Mag-netic) Relative, Autorange or True Motion Screen offset Radar or 3D synchronization  
  Routes A route plan may contain up to 50 waypoints. Up to 150 routes can be stored in the units internal memory. Additional storage available on CompactFlash cards. SmartRoute to create a route from track history.  
  Track History 15 tracks with up to 3000 points in each can be stored in the units internal memory. Track optimization reduces number of points used or user selectable time or distance interval. Additional storage available on CompactFlash cards.  
  Radar/Chart Overlay Radar image can be overlaid on all screen charts  
  Radar/Chart Synchronization To synchronize radar range and chart scale  
  3D/Chart Synchronization To synchronize 3D and 2D chart scales and orientation  
  Aerial Overlay Overlay of aerial photography on the chart  
  AIS Overlay Switch AIS symbols on/off. Display heading/speed vectors and ROT. View detailed AIS data, safety critical target data, ALR and SRM messages. Set up a safe zone.  
  Navigation Information Own boats position in lat/lon, XTE, TTG and SOG/COG selectable. Bearing and distance to waypoint. Bearing and distance to cursor and ETA.  
  3D Presentation Modes Active motion mode, planning mode, Adjust rotation and pitch, port, starboard, forward and aft view, multiple views, Vessel offset  
  3D Display Declutter, Transducer cone, Depth scale, Waypoint name, Adjust exaggeration, 3D view locator  


  Transducer Transom-mount, in-hull or thru-hull options  
  Digital Sounder Modules Compatible with the DSM30 and DSM300  
  Receiver Type Patented Raymarine HD Digital receiver technology  
  Power Output Dependant on Digital Sounder Module  
  Frequency Dependant on Digital Sounder Module  
  Alarms Fish Alarm, Fish Depth Alarm, Shallow and Deep Fish Limit  
  A-Scope Display Displays Sonar Returns in real time  
  Bottom Coverage Display Shows the diameter of the transducer beam where it meets the bottom.  
  Bottom Lock Displays echoes directly above the bottom  
  Range Markers Easily see how far the boat is from a target on the echo sounder screen  
  Target Detection Sonar fish echo with target depth readout  
  Zoom 2,3,4x and user programmable Zoom Scales  


  Radar Support Support for all Digital, HD Digital & Super HD Digital Radars  
  Image Type Color Radar Support (HD & SHD Radars Only)  
  Range Scales (Range Rings) 1/8 (1/16) nm to 72 (12) nm dependant on scanner. Performance limited by scanner type and position.  
  Range Ring Accuracy Better than +/- 1.5% of the max. range scale in use, or 22m (72 ft.), whichever is the greatest.  
  Bearing Accuracy +/- 1°  
  Variable Range Markers 2 x VRM’s, readout nm, sm, km  
  Electronic Bearing Lines 2 x EBL’s, floating if required, resolution 1°  
  Bearing Scale 360° graduated at 10° intervals 2° small ticks 10° large ticks  
  Minimum Range 23m (25 yds)  
  Range Discrimination 23m (25 yds)  
  Presentation Modes Head up, Course up or North up (selectable True or Mag-netic) Relative or True Motion  
  Scanner Control Interference rejection, standby/transmit modes, pulse selection, Tune, Rain, FTC and Sea controls, with selection of manual or automatic control of gain, sea clutter and tune (Auto GST)  
  Compass Input NMEA 0183 (required for fast heading data, suitable for MARPA), or SeaTalk  
  Waypoint Display Create waypoints and target waypoint displayed with User control of symbols and groups  
  MARPA Manual acquisition of up to 25 targets (dependent upon scanner type), automatic tracking, dangerous target alarms, safe zone, target history, true or relative vectors, CPA graphics and indication of target speed/ course, bearing/ range, CPA and TCPA.  
  Guard Zone Alarm 2 guard zones, selectable sensitivity level, audible alarm  
  Automatic Tuning Auto control of gain, sea clutter and tune  
  Off Center Function In Relative Motion, 1/3 or 2/3  
  Wakes 10s, 30s, 1 min, 5 min & 10 min options  
  Target Expansion Operator selectable with 2 levels available  
  Timed TX Rotation periods: 10, 20 or 30 scans Repetition periods: 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes  
  AIS Overlay Switch AIS symbols on/off. Display heading/speed vectors and ROT. View detailed AIS data, safety critical target data, ALR and SRM messages. Set up a safe zone.  

Instrument and Engine Data

  Data Pages 5 pages available. Pre-defined (Navigation, Waypoint, Route, Fishing or Sailing) or user-configured  
  Data Available Vessel position, active waypoint, TTG, VMG - Waypoint, depth, COG, SOG, heading, speed, set/drift, trip, log, ground log, ground trip, rudder, local time and date, sea temperature, app wind, true wind, VMG wind, ground wind XTE, compass, locked heading, w  
  Engine Pages 5 pages available. Pre-defined (engine, engine and fuel, fuel resources, engine and resources, twin engines or triple engine support) or user-configured.  
  Engine Data Tacho, boost pressure, alternator, oil pressure, coolant temperature, engine hours, fuel level (tanks 1 & 2), fuel rate, total fuel, load  


  AIS Suppport Support for class B AIS Supports silent mode
  Target Symbols Sleeping, activated, selected, dangerous and lost  
  Target Information AIS vectors, buddy tracking, safety critical data and full AIS data.  
  Collision Avoidance Safe zones and safety messages  
  Alarms Local alarm messages, lost targets  


  Alerts Incoming message (selectable categories)  
  Message List Sorting  


  Type SIRIUS Marine Weather  
  Weather Elements Storm cast, waves, Canadian radar, lightning, wind, sea surface temperature, observations stations, city weather, NOWRad, storm tracks, surface pressure  
  Animated Weather Graphics Weather forecast, weather radar history  
  Weather Reports Tropical statements, marine warnings, marine zone forecasts, marine watchbox  


  Storage Temperature -4°F to 149°F (-20°C to +65°C) ambient air at 95% RH  


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